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The printed class schedule is produced months in advance of the term, and is subject to change. The list below features recently added classes or classes for which some details have changed since the printed class schedule was published.

There are several valid methods of dream interpretation; Subconscious, Jungian, Yogic and Shamanic. To Shamans and others working in the cosmic 'Field' a psychological interpretation of dreams is seriously limited. Dreams are often 'instructional' in nature and are a gateway to a 'Field' of non-localized space/time information through which our spirit guides help us. Discover how these methods differ, how spirit guides script our dreams and how to interpret them. Share your dreams with your classmates.    



Materials Cost: $0.00

Class Cost: $19.00

Instructor : David Cumes, MD 

Instructional Method: Lecture

Weekly - Sat 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (7/8/2017-7/8/2017)

Location : Santa Barbara, Schott Campus Location : 
  Santa Barbara, Schott Campus.

Room :  14 Tannahill Auditorium

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Experience first-hand how individual plants could look in your own garden by seeing them grow in a beautifully landscaped nursery.  Guided by one of Santa Barbara’s premier landscape designers, you’ll discover what plants grow best for your spaces by seeing them in settings similar to residential gardens.   Get your questions answered about maintenance, irrigation, color, size and shape as you see full grown examples of possibilities. Take the guesswork and mystery out of designing your garden. Featured nursery: Seaside Gardens, Carpinteria.    



Materials Cost: $0.00

Class Cost: $25.00

Instructor : Billy Goodnick 

Instructional Method: Field Trip

Weekly - Sat 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (5/20/2017-5/20/2017)

Location : Carpinteria, Seaside Gardens Location : 
  Carpinteria, Seaside Gardens.

Room :  Entrance to Garden

Please read: Seaside Gardens, 3700 Via Real, Carpinteria; ...More

Billy Goodnick's YouTube videos

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